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Kevin Baker
Born in Massachusetts
27 years
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A Dream Awake... I dream awake in fields of green, I'm all alone and can't be seen, trees of length grow all around, the rustle of leaves is the only sound, the sky is blue, the air is clear, tranquility surrounds me here, peace and happiness I find at last, where I forget about the present, future and past, my mind at ease lets go of it all, time it seems has slowed to a crawl, I have never been to a place like this, totally relaxed, undeniable bliss.Kevin Francis Baker

This memorial website was created in loving memory of my son  Kevin Francis Baker who was born in Massachusetts  on January 7, 1978 and passed away on July 12, 2005 in Texas. You will live forever in our memories and hearts.

There are no adequate words to describe the pain of losing a child.  Everyday when I awake, it's as if my heart is torn out again.  The thought of never seeing my child on this earth again is agony.


Kevin was born January 7, 1978 in New Bedford, Mass.  One month later the blizzard of '78 hit.  We were in the house for 4 days before we could finally venture out.  Luckily I had a case of diapers and was nursing.


Now I know we all say our child is the best baby.....but really Kevin was the best baby in the world. Kevin could talk before he could walk and his memorization skills were phenomenal. His favorite book was "The Fox and the Hound", and it was read to him so much that he memorized the book when he was about 3 years old. It was great fun to see folks expressions when I'd give Kevin the book and he'd "read" it, he even knew when to turn the pages.




 This is not the end.....he's just changed his address



Latest Memories
Mom, waiting til I can see you... June 18, 2013
soon it will be 8 years since I've seen  or talked to you. 8 years is a long time son. I miss you. I love you Kevin, and I miss you even more. til we meet again......LOVE ENDURES FOREVER 
4 years son heart world, as it was, ended....4 years trying to rebuild....return to living....remain existing....unwilling....unable....the darkness lifts on occasion....the pain in its consistency, is felt....then hidden away....sure in the will return....not knowing when....on occasion....I smile....

Dearest Kevin,


Missing you more and more with each day that passes.  My heart hurts with missing you.  There are times when I feel you so close, yet other times I can't feel you at all.  I told your brother the other day, "this isn't fair"...and he agrees.  You are loved and missed beyond words my son.  I look forward to the day I will see you again...what a glorious reunion that will be.  Until we meet again.......LOVE ENDURES FOREVER.




JoAnn Baker

This was the 3rd Christmas without you.  It seems to get more difficult each year. 

Jeff and I looked at pictures from Christmas's past.  Remember when you asked me "Mom, why are we only wearing our underwear on Christmas morning"...I answered, "It's because you wake us up at 4am to open presents"  :-)  Jeff and I shared a laugh as we talked about those Christmas's of the past.  I miss you Kevin more and more each day.  I will love you forever...


Poem written by Kevin F Baker  

Come live with me and be my love
I'll give you the stuff dreams are made of
Every second I'll be at your call
I'll always be there to break your fall

Your beauty overwhelms, your eyes so bright
You truly are a majestic sight
I offer you my love, heart and more
Romantic evenings on the shore

I'll treat you like a queen, and worship your ground
Feed you chocolates, play you sweet sounds
I'll be your knight, always be daunting
Respect all your wishes, never be wanting

I'll cook and clean, wash and scrub
Every night I"ll draw your tub
Every morning, breakfast in bed
When's the day we're going to wed

Come live with me and be my bride
My love for you could turn the tide
For you, my love, I'll lay it all on the line
Now I ask, "Will you be mine?"

This passion in my heart, I just can't shake
Please be my love, my lonely heart aches
I'll wait on you all night and day
Everything will be your way

I'll caress your body and love your heart
A little family we can start
My love for you can clearly be seen
Be my love, and come live with me

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I took Kevin camping 10/14/07 Kevin & Tia dancing at her wedding Kevin Kevin & Jeff Kevin toasting at Jeff's wedding Kevin & Pam Kevin's Italian Greyhound Ceasar Mom's tat Kevin & Mom Kevin & Ceasar Kevin Kevin & Pam at her college graduation Kevin, Mom, Tia & Jeff Jeff, Kevin, Pam & Tia